EINIGE TODSÜNDEN (A few deadly sins)

April 2nd. 2017 – 19:00 – Offene Kirche Elisabethen, Basel

Dance, Music, Opera, Buffet

In „A few deadly sins“ the different personalities of „Dangerous Liaisons“ become actors of a piece of which the deadly sins form is the red thread. They are illustrations of musical and dancing moments which appear like the successive sequences of a film.

While the audience wanders around under shining wigs between buffet, dancers and singer, this heterogenous community is being enclosed in a world à la Bunuel, whose insanity is hiding behind its normality.

Accompanied by the music of Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, P.Glass, Carl Orff and others, the piece paints by brush strokes the fascination of a century between church and sins.

A living pictures of more than 30 participants, a festival of the senses and aesthetics to which the spectator is invited like the guest of a private party.

Concept / Direction: Catherine Habasque

Choreography: Catherine Habasque, Sumitra Keshava, Meret Schlegel und die Tänzer

Costumes: Marie-Therese Jossen

Countertenor: Thomas Lichtenecker

Dancers: Dominique Cardito, Catherine Habasque, Sumitra Keshava, Meret Schlegel, Sarah Schoch, Olivia Streater, Cédric Anselme, Kilian Haselbeck

Musicians: Beatriz Blanco (Cello), Kasia Nawrotek (Violine), Florian Schäfer (Klavier, Arrangements)

More participants: Pilar Ferre und das In-Zeit-Sprung Tanztheaterprojekt

Studenten von Sumitra Keshava

Quotes: „Quartett“  from Heiner Müller.

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  • Online ticket sales for this event are closed.

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